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I am highly opinionated with a firm grip on the difference between right and wrong. I pay more attention to the candidates and the issues than to precise party lines. My facts are just that... FACTS- and my opinions are MY opinions- Regardless of what the subject, you can always find a good read on my blog, I write about various issues and not everything is focused on the subject of politics. I hope you enjoy!

The Convoluted Pyramid Scheme

March 31st 2014 13:48
I was told by someone on Face Book yesterday that the idea of the White House, Senate, etc. being exempted from Obamacare was "long debunked" and that I should stop watching Fox. So this morning, I contacted 2 senators, Dean Heller (Nevada) and Jerry Moran (Kansas) to ask if it was true or "debunked".

Mr. Moran hasn't gotten back to me yet, but I did talk to Mr. Heller's office. He has signed up for it. Regular senators and congressmen have to have it. However, the "Leadership" and those on "Committees" are, indeed, exempt.

As far as I can tell, Obamacare is a convoluted pyramid scheme. Those at the bottom of the financial ladder get the benefits for free, those in the middle do all the paying, and those at the top reap the benefits via votes from the bottom. The math doesn't work on this, folks. The already stressed and shrinking middle class will be paying higher premiums and higher deductibles to provide the money for those who can't afford it. It is even being offered to illegal aliens and promoted as free for them. Apparently someone thinks that lots of people signing up at the bottom and receiving medical insurance free is equal to having people who can afford it, paying in. It isn't! But I guess B.O. (B.S.) and the DC crooks are using Common Core math. After all, their intentions are sooo good and they can just print more money when it falls apart and the lies become common knowledge.


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Comment by RickB_GA

March 31st 2014 14:28
As an insurance agent participating in the ACA enrollment process I affirm your description of the pyramid scheme is 100% spot on. The only folks who have benefited from the scheme are low income or those with pre-existing conditions (who have been unable to get insurance in the past or are paying a punitive rate). I have seen several tv ads with persons touting their $40 premiums. The premium is what the insurance company get paid which includes the subsidy, not what the subsidized enrollee pays out of pocket. I enrolled an 64 year old a couple of weeks ago, $0 her cost (plus reduced copays and deductibles) but $600 per month for the taxpayers. The subsidies are based on income and do not take assets into consideration. The person above could afford to pay some of her premium by liquidating some of her assets. I have also worked with some very struggling lower middle class folks who cannot afford coverage because their income is in the mid thirties but still need to find monies for a $400/month premium (after subsidy of about $200/month).

I do not oppose the principle of health coverage for all but the ACA design is a total CF; however it will buy the Democrats a lot of votes from those who do not participate in the financing of our government. And don't forget, the Democrats have received a huge influx of campaign monies from the insurance companies. We truly have the best Federal Government money can buy!

PS ... those Republicans are not innocent of selling themselves on the campaign donation market either.

Comment by S.L.

March 31st 2014 14:37
Hi Rick. Yes, it's a "Flustered Cluck" and not showing signs of improving. Lobbyists and big campaign donors have always managed to grease the wheels of government, unfortunately. Most politicians seem to care more about their own finances and prestige than the people who elected them. "Anything for a vote" should be their motto.

Another disturbing thing about Obamacare is how many of the "navigators" are criminals, illegals or both. Handing over all your information to people who can misuse it is scary, indeed.

Comment by Howard

April 1st 2014 18:05
The Obamacare ripoff. All that money coming in, and in NYC hospitals are still closing. That means the insurance companies are getting the dough.

Comment by S.L.

April 1st 2014 18:12
I don't doubt that insurance companies are jumping on the chance to get money. However, I think there's more to it than that, Howard. I don't know exactly how, but it's a pretty fair bet that the government is profiting as well

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